Favorite Prayer

The Light of God surrounds me; The Love of God enfolds me; The Power of God protects me; The Presence of God watches over me;

Wherever I am, God is!

The most difficult aspect of having a relationship with God is accepting that He knows what is best for you. He points out the things that are bad for you through repeated experiences. If you do not learn the lesson, you will repeat the experience over and over until you have taken from it, what you need to learn.

That is what the "journey" is all about. Learning from living, making mistakes, moments of happiness, sorrow and pain. But you are never alone, that is God's promise.

When you have learned all that God purposed for you, and walked the path He laid out for you... Your journey is finished. There will be no death, just one moment in time, when you step out of your body, walk through the white curtain and into the spirit world.


My journey has taken me from the South Pacific, the Caribbean, and across the Pond..that great Atlantic... It is my intent to incorporate my personal and spiritual journey into words, enabling "YOU" the reader, to gain something positive that will touch your spirit, inspire and motivate you to be authentically you.

You will find Affirmations, Devotionals, Prayers and Scriptures; all that you need to nurture your spirit.

I have been gifted by God with a perceptive spirit that serves me as I write, and guides me in what must be shared.
It is the God-spirit working through me that guides me to write this word.

God resides here, and I invite you to visit often.

Joy Russaw
Creative Writer