So often we buy into an illusion that we are insignificant. We were created with a purpose and with unique credentials to carry out that purpose. We are not all genius, and we are not all challenged, but everyone is born with a purpose to impact something or someone in life.

Being famous does not mean that you had a positive impact in the world.There are many famous people who are known for criminal acts.. that was not God’s purpose for them. Our world is full of non-famous people that achieve much and are important and needed by others. You may not have the notoriety and fame but all of God's children matter. We each make a difference, and what we do is important.

Yesterday I listened to Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant. who repeated the 11th grade and was a High School dropout. Today He has degrees from Morehouse, Purdue and a PhD. from Oxford. His teachers told him he would never be anything and they advised his parents to send him to trade school. Thank God His Mother and Father did not heed their advice.

Shift your perspective to your abilities, what you do well and what you can contribute to make a difference. When you understand how much you really matter, your spirit becomes re-energized.  You discover talents you did not know you had.

Don't fall into the habit of trying to measure up to someone’s opinion of what you can do and should be.


I read many devotional books and notice that page after page it starts with...” no matter how bad your situation, or during trials and tribulations.”  There are many days when you experience the best that life has to offer and all you need do is show gratitude. These devotionals are wonderful guides that inspire, but just for today.. realize your power.  Dig deep into your spirit to determine what you need, then pursue it.

Every day is a gift from God and we are not in a bad place every day. Life can be wonderful, it can be as perfect as it can get considering we are earth bound, but many days we just need to look up to the heavens and thank God for His grace and mercy. Thank Him for the blessings in your life and thank Him for the difficulties that push you to reach and grow.

Regardless of your place in life, God is always in control. The world may be lost, but you are not. You have within your spirit the tools needed to be all you can be, to face day to day challenges and not allow others to push you around. You have the wisdom to know when you need to call on God.

Just for today, let’s just say Thank-you Lord for giving us another day.