Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. ~ Proverbs 3:5-6

Often you may face obstacles in life. You did not anticipate them, did not ask for them, and many times you have no plan on how to overcome them. Earthly sources don't have the answer, self help books don't offer you a way out, the answer is trusting in the Lord.

The life that God gave to us has morphed into a major challenge to our spirit and our health. It has been unkind and filled with demonic energy. To survive, you must connect to a power source that is greater and more powerful than demonic energy. The source that enables you to control your responses to negative stimuli, and overcome obstacles and challenges is Jesus Christ.

Secure your relationship with Him through prayer, meditation and reading His life story.


Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Blessings are what happens when God meets you at your place of want or need.  Luck is random, it can be based on odds that are probably not in your favor.

When we turn to God in prayer, we are not wishing for good luck. Luck is fleeting and we want something definite. When the situation is dire and you need Jesus Christ to intervene, you pray to Him.. knowing that He is a sure thing. We never have to doubt if He can do some things or if He will do the things we need done. He is dependable and we go to Him in total dependence that He will meet our need.

God makes me happy. I am happy to know that He is Father of all living beings. It is good knowing that we Have and equal opportunity God working to supply our needs, without demanding something in return.


God is a trusted counselor. When you follow Him, you can be assured that you have the best Guide.  Don't be anxious about what the future may hold. Know that it is a divine plan. There is no need to seek earthly sages for information and predictions.  God is certified, qualified and willing.

As human beings, we need guidance and God wants to give it to us. From the day of conception, God holds the map of  the full life journey of every baby. He is aware of all the things that you will experience. He could easily have shown us the map of our lives, but in His wisdom, He knew it would be too much and we could not handle it. Because of His grace, He only shows us a little bit at a time. He shines just enough light on small areas of our path so we can take the next step.

God will lead you, He will also place His junior counselors and angels along your path. You will recognize them because they will be persistent in getting your attention. The light of God will shine through His agents and you will know it is a divine messenger sent by God.

God’s desire is that we seek Him, then obediently follow His lead.


Your journey to inner peace and healing requires work in many areas.  Everyone has a unique journey.  Charting your course requires an awakening. To be spiritually awakened, you must take advantage of all the resources available to you. There are many, but from the many, you will find those that support your beliefs. Learn what you can and as you learn, what touches your spirit will support your development.  

Reading is a necessary part of the journey. It improves cognitive skills that are needed in day to day tasks.  Reading gives you access to information and opens the door to a wealth of knowledge. Acquiring knowledge provides you with  tools of value that can enhance your meditative and prayer life. The more you arm yourself with these tools,   you are preparing to walk into your peace... a process that takes time and never ends.

The Bible, Quran, Catechism, are readings that aid your mental fitness and spiritual growth. The content is what is important. Put aside your beliefs and accept the words of wisdom that is available through reading. In developing your ability to find inner peace and self-healing, the Bible is #1 required reading. The Bible contains universal truths that can lead to a life of meaning, healing and well-being. As your spirit is nurtured, your mental well-being and physical strength are developed.

When awakened, you have a benevolent relationship with God, and your awareness of GOD’s presence surrounds and enfolds you. Wrapped in His presence, there is peace.


Good Monday Morning, you are blessed to see a new day. Praise God from WHOM all blessings flow.

Did you know that God will overcome on your behalf when you stay true to Him? When we are true to His Word, we willingly help those in need. When we see kindred spirits struggling, compassion calls us to treat others as Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

In the book of Obadiah, the Edomites lived in a fortified city in Mount Seir. Living a life under tight security and having your needs met can cause an evil pride to develop in the spirit. Many people live this way. They have been shielded from real people who have real needs, or they have spoiled themselves with the luxuries of life and have no empathy for the suffering or the disenfranchised.  These are folks who preach God, then live as though there is no God. 

We are battling a demonic spirit that is led by people like the Edomites. The world is filled with takers who care nothing about ancestry. When you have been blessed with riches, and treat others as less than, bragging about it is sin filled pride. Your ancestry  leads back to God the Father and all humans are His children. When you ignore His word, you are disobedient to Him and to your Sisters and Brothers in Christ.

Jesus Christ our Lord is loving to all of His children, but He will punish evil. He will punish those who intentionally set out to do harm to others. If you are a giver, wait patiently on the Lord. If you are a taker, know that 2020 is a year of transformation. The presence of the Lord will be felt by all. The negative energy in the earth will be transformed to light, and love. The wicked will see their day of judgement.. and our world will feel normal again.