What do you cling to when the winds and rains are raging in your life? These are times when you need a reliable source to keep you afloat. A source that responds to your cry, understands your need, knows your spirit, and gives you the victory.

Jesus is the link that represents you to God.  He holds you close to His Father through good times and through rough times. Jesus ministers to your spirit  as He provides unbroken communication between you and God.  God gave Him power when He directed you to pray to the Father, in the name of Jesus, His precious Son.

If you live long enough, you will face mortality, a situation where you come so close, but death snatches its hand away.  That is when Jesus quickly stands up to the Father on your behalf.  You avoid fate and live to see another day.

Include Jesus in your prayers, He never waivers. Just as an anchor keeps a boat in place,  Jesus is the anchor for your soul, a solid rock in the middle of sinking sands.  Jesus has wrapped you in His care, and because of Him, you will have smooth sailing to the Father.

What an awesome Friend, we have in Jesus.


Life is called a journey because there is always more. Just as we never get to experience all of it, we never will reach a level where there is no more growth or maturity. Learning never ends and spiritual development never ends.

When you were born into living, there were stages that you journeyed through. No one is born talking, walking and knowing about living.  Living life, developing the spirit, are taught behavior. Once you step into awareness of what it is all about, you take it upon yourself to further your growth in these areas.

Think of living as a process. You are forever being taught. As you are being taught, you are teaching others. Think of spirituality as a process. The more you learn, the more you need to learn. The closer you are to God, the process of living throws you more curve balls and you need to seek God on a new level. This is never ending, that is why your “well of faith,” must constantly be replenished.

Our relationship with Our Lord and Savior can always be close, but life requires that we subtract from our spiritual tank, and like a car that you fill with gas, if you continue to drive... you must replenish.


Whatever happens to you on life's journey, never forget who you are. As a child of God, you are placed in situations where the devil will taunt and tease you, his job is to make you act against God's teachings. Sometimes the devil is very persistent. The more fortified your spirit, and the more you believe and follow Jesus Christ, the more aggressive the devil's pursuit.  When you see the demons constantly nipping at your heels, look to the light.

Believers know that they are spiritually fortified. They know that they are armed with the tools to keep the devil at bay. However, you will experience moments when your protective power weakens and demons penetrate your spirit. Your defenses have been breeched and you are caught up in a web of darkness. For those moments, satan has control until the light shines on you and you are awakened.

The consequences to you may be costly, but the experience is a lesson that you needed to learn. When things like this happen to you, or when outside forces are against you... God is preparing you for a tougher situation and wants you to be prepared. That is what life's lessons are all about. To teach you what you need to learn in preparation for the future.

When your integrity is questioned, when people align their power to conquer your spirit, remember whose you are. God of the universe is your Father, teacher, and friend.. what he has for you is yours, what awaits you in the future, is ordained yours. You are the light because you are of God.