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While the path of life holds varied experiences, we have the tools to take us over and around any obstacle. We have a mind to analyze the difficulty, then create a crafty detour. God made us that way. Showing Him gratitude for the simple blessings is like a magnet that attracts more blessings into your life. It is our response of graciousness to His blessings, that is our gift to Him.

There are many gifts in this life that we take for granted. It is not that we don’t appreciate them, but we assume they will always be there. The air we breathe, food from the earth, the water we drink are natural resources provided by God.  We believe that they will always be available to us, but we failed to factor in the greed and inhumanity of mankind. When man, in his arrogance believes that he can regulate that which God has given to us, it will not end well. When man interferes with the necessities of life and restrict who benefits or not, punishment is near. 

God has given the world life sustaining gifts but greed, disobedience, selfishness, and wickedness have misdirected some to place regulations on God’s creations. Hurting the young, elderly, poor, and Godly. Fear not, who in this world has ever had power over God, or His works???  No One!!

God is not blind to what is happening, nor is He deaf to our prayers.  He has sent to the earth, warnings, fires, floods, earthquakes, train crashes, mass murder, and home grown enemies…but He has never left you alone, and He promised that the meek will inherit the earth… Stay Ready.

Sometimes God can make things happen that seem confusing and you feel He does not care. We are put in situations that are so hurtful and even discourages us about the good in life… the good in people. We all have experiences that shake us to our very core.

God knows what lies in your heart, you may present one image to the world… but you cannot fool God. He knows if there is joy, pain or suffering in your life.
This is when God must intervene. He knows that you don't have the strength, courage or wisdom to always pull yourself out of uncomfortable situations so He
creates a path that leads you out of the wilderness into a peaceful oasis.

Sometimes we ought to just be still, let go of the troubles of the world… and let God. He formed you in your mothers belly, He knew you before your parents knew you and He keeps His word. Remember the promise!

May the Light of God surround you.. the love of God enfold you.
as always   "Stay in the Light."

Beneath your personality, perceptions and self imposed boundaries, lies a "spirit" of great possibilities.  Family, friends, formal and informal education, life experiences,
all of your ups and your downs,  are the things that helped mold you. The factors that influenced your decision making process and brought you to the place you are today.

Everything you have done or not done, every achievement, accomplishment, non-success is based on your life. Family values, spiritual development, teachers, and everyone that was a part of your life in the village where you grew up,  had some lasting impact. Good or bad, it is stored  in your memory.

Very few people say they are comfortable with where they are.. some have regrets, some feel they have failed, some are left with memories of what could have been..
the high school sweetheart.. the one that got away. 

Trust God to guide you if you have gotten off His chosen path for your life. Trust Him to know that what you thought was best for you, may not have been. Open your heart and life to His guidance and the blessings will surely come.

There are no limits on what is possible, and fear is the only obstacle.
Never miss an opportunity because of FEAR.

In Genesis, God speaks everything into existence. God's word manifests what he felt within, and because the world responded to his request, we can rest assured that it will continue to respond to His word. When He speaks, it is gospel. You can depend on Him.

If you have a need, ask God to speak over your life. Pray and trust that He answers all prayer. Thank you God for creating the world and giving us life.

Have you ever found yourself doing one thing, yet some force keeps leading you back to something different. There have been times when I picked up a Bible and just randomly opened it...  and on that very page, my attention was drawn to a scripture that  provided an answer to my situation. Not seeking, but God revealed it.

There will be times when you don't have to pray for help because God knows your situation before you will face it.  You struggle for solutions, then when you stop struggling and out of nowhere something crosses your path that is a much needed answer, guide, comfort, solution for you, and what you are going through.  That is God.

One of the most rewarding things you can experience, is to face a challenge and meditate upon Scriptures until God has spoken. It is comforting to have a Father who comforts, guides, directs our path, challenges and reassures us.

Be open to hearing Him speak into your life, pay attention to the verses that keep turning up. This morning, after yesterday's election, we can all see a glimmer of "HOPE."

You are truly blessed.  When you know that the Lord is your Rock, Fortress and Savior, you have nothing to fear.  He shields you from the enemy, and gives you strength to face all that life sends your way. He gives, what is needed.

What are you asking Him for??? Are you asking God, based on the Holy Spirit that guides you to will and work for His good pleasure.  Are you asking for gifts that allow you to promote His Kingdom....

I hear preachers stand in their pulpit and ask God for cars, airplanes, and new buildings. I never hear the part where these things can help them do the work of Jesus as He helped the less fortunate.  But we can be selfish in what we ask for. We ask for things that feed our ego and wonder why we have not heard from heaven...

God is busy, He has a planet of things that operate based on His will. He oversees His planet everyday... then He watches over all His children.  We should not bother God for selfish gifts that please our ego.

When you know WHO HE IS.... you learn what to ask in Jesus name.