Imagine.. being kidnapped from home, taken to a foreign land, never educated, separated from your family, having to behave as an obedient child for most of your life. Your only freedoms were limited to the fields, cleaning and cooking in the house or bedding your master.

At best, you would be dysfunctional…at worse, you would have been killed.

Then the day comes when you are released from the prisons of enslavement. You are given no money, no clothing, no food, no home, no job, yet you are kicked out into a world of supreme evil against your skin color. It would take generations before your ethnic group would develop skills, education, and opportunity to earn a decent wage.

To set the record straight. We were never slaves, and we were not born slaves. That was the vision of a majority group that sought free labor to pick their cotton and attain wealth. Why did they not enslave the Native Indian? What led them to invade a continent halfway around the world just to steal its people?

Yet, some people refuse to understand the outrage in the spirit of African descendants of royalty. Hanging a people from trees was the old way…hanging them by putting your foot on their neck, is the new way. You watch them struggle for breath, fighting for life, then the neck is broken, or the carotid artery, two major blood vessels in the neck that supply blood to the brain, neck, and face, stop the flow of blood to  your brain and the heart stops.

Yes, today we celebrate “freedom,” but are we free? Why are white people so angry??? Only when that question is answered will you understand why Black people are angry, tired, and fed up.

God Bless America….Only IF She Deserves It!!!!