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No Need to Fear


Some mornings you awaken with a feeling that everything will be alright, you feel the need to just shout “Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus!”  Before sleeping, the craziness of the world sent you to your knees in prayer. The nation is asking God for resolution. We struggle to fight the demon spirit that has taken control. but these spirits are on steroids. We call on God because it appears that evil is winning. GOD, we have an urgent need for reassurance.

These are times when we desperately need reassurance. The kind of reassurance that brings peace of mind, and calm to an anxious, weary spirit. We believed that our faith, strength and courage was well fortified.  But we are under demonic attack and appear to be losing. God, we ask that YOU reveal to Your believers_ what we need to do.

We are in need. It is a need for the love and attention of God. He is the answer to the troubles in the world. He is the one that can right every wrong, correct every injustice, and heal each wounded spirit.

Psalm 116 King James Version (KJV)

“I love the Lord, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications.” In other words.. GOD HEARD ME CRY FOR MERCY.

God is always there as a refuge and help in time of need. He is there when you need Him and He hears when you call Him. Through His scriptures He has assured us that He answers prayer. I know that patience is required, that God’s timing is not the international clock.

But God.. We need to see the miracle of YOUR hand, working in our need.

Always Look Up


Many of us spend time looking at the past and looking to the future. I have found that looking UP is better. When you look up to the heavens from where blessings flow, your thoughts, words and actions will be divinely inspired. You have invited Jesus Christ to guide your steps as He walks with you.

Living under the guidance of Our Father means you receive from heaven even when you do not ask.  You are guided in all you do, think, and speak, and ready for any event of the day. When you look up, you are acknowledging God as benefactor of all the good that comes to you.

In this place, you are under the power and wisdom of God. A wisdom and power that surpasses all time and space. You can hear God’s voice, act with confidence and faith, and your steps will never falter. Under God.....You are divinely guided to live, say and do what blesses others.

The Cost of Living


Anything worth having will cost. It may cost money, time, perseverance, and everything requires action. Everything that you desire in the earthly realm, you pay a price. Houses, cars, relationships, success, require an output of resources from either a bank account, or a spiritual/physical account. Nothing in the world is free, and freedom isn’t free.

As we pray for God’s will to be done, it will be done. His will is that of a Father who provides for His children.  He will not walk in a store and buy you material things, He will pave the way for you to attain material things.  In other words, praying to receive material things is selfish, unless its use is to promote God’s kingdom. You may pray to God to pave the way and direct your steps so you can attain dream items, then exercise character by working for what you want.

We must move away from using Jesus to our advantage. Misinterpreting His word, Mis-representing commandments, being disobedient to His teachings by mistreating others and worshiping money. Before we can teach our children that “honesty is the best policy,” we adults must walk the talk. Show the children what honesty is.

The greatest price we will pay, is when we commit to following the teachings of Jesus. We pay by respecting life, having compassion, and exercising faith through acts... that give others hope.

As I wrote, anything worth having will cost!! To live “RIGHT,” is a small price to pay for eternal life.




The most trusted source for anything you may need, is God. When we need answers, He is the only reliable source. When we need guidance, He is the Shepherd. It is up to you to recognize, honor and receive what God has promised.

There are days when you ease through life without any influence from the devil. Happy and carefree, life is good. That is when the devil gets uncomfortable with your relationship with the Father. When you are blessed and being obedient, that is when satan sends his workers after you. The devil knows that God is blessing you and he wants to shake your faith. He has no power in heaven, but he has power on earth. He has no power over God, so he comes after His children.

If you know God, you know how He works in your life. He never sends harm and danger to you, He is a protector, a healer, a Guardian of Good. He sent Jesus to the cross for you and for me. How could you believe that He would send harm your way!!!  Remember satan has many disguises. He can work through your president, governor, pastor, friend, relative or the environment. Sharpen your awareness, seek wisdom so that you can recognize the wolf among the precious sheep.

Daily Motivator


Reading The Daily Motivator I came across a delightful poem. The first two lines read, 
"Life is always good, because you can make of it anything you choose. Life is good, because it is exceptionally flexible."  Thinking about your life's journey, how much of what you planned has come to fruition? How much input did you have in chosing your path, and what would you have done differently?

We are most influenced by our up-bringing and culture. Principles and values were instilled in us at an early age, serving as a foundation for the life we wanted to build. Those formative years molded  our thinking and influenced the choices we made after High School. Choices were unlimited, some entered the Military, others headed off to College, a few married their High School sweetheart, and some stayed at home and worked. 

The decision you made, paved the way to where you are now. Whatever your decision, it was your paint brush that created the picture that is your life. It was your choice and you took the path that would fulfill your dreams. I pray that you are happy with your journey. If there are things you wanted to do and didn't, you have time. 

Remember this. The power lies within!! Anything you want to do, did, or didn't do is owned by you. There may have been obstacles that were insurmountable, but if you really wanted it.. nothing could have stopped you, but you.



Just as you experience seasons of joy, you will experience seasons of sorrow.  The journey through each season will be different for each person.. Most will celebrate publicly with family and friends, but suffering is a period where we turn inward away from public view. Sometimes we hide, other times we seek direction through prayer and meditation.

Just as you worship God in times of joy, if you are in a season of suffering, continue to lovingly worship the Lord while doing His work. No matter how unbearable, undesirable, or unexpected your season of suffering, continue to sing His praises. Suffering leads to spiritual growth.

When we are in a joyous season, most tend to neglect their prayer life. When life is good and life is easy, we may take a break from our communing with the Father. Not that we forget Him, but happy times do not demand that we pray for help. It is in trials and tribulations that we need the comfort and guidance of our Father. God knows that tribulations demand his help.

The Lord is the source of our strength.  When life gets tough, He gives us the coping mechanisms needed to persevere. As we learn to reside in God, we mature in strength and patience.  Our character is enhanced and with character comes hope.  

HOPE does not disappoint, hope allows the love of God to fill  your heart with the promise that “This too shall pass."