Journey with Spirit  - January 3, 2020

 Welcome to 2020. My hope is that you had a great Holiday Season and now prepared spiritually to move  forward. For those who made resolutions, I pray that you are committed to keeping them.  I pray for positive energy to spread through out the world, touching the hearts of all human beings. In that positive energy, may your spirit be filled with the light of hope, love, goodness and gratitude. 

Today is a good time to think of God’s love for all mankind. If we could grasp the depths of His love for us, we would reciprocate with gratitude and kindness. Having just celebrated the birth of Christ, we feel joy, but it is the crucifixion that helps us realize the depths of God’s love, and we cannot truly measure it with accuracy. Praise God for His love.. it redeems our soul with the promise of eternal life, and allows us to live each day, year to year.

God created us in His image so when we interact with others, they see Him through us. We are the earthly vessel that can spread God’s love and change hearts that have no compassion. We are the earthly angels assigned by God, to light the corners of darkness by spreading the gospel and speaking scripture and prayer into the atmosphere. These are critical times_ and this new year promises to be filled with surprising changes.  Fear not.

Make this a year of “revival.” All the good that has been erased, the lies, deceit and cheating, will be revealed through TRUTH. No matter what life sends your way, embrace the truth. It will be truth that brings peace out of confusion. It will be truth that will reveal evil, it will be truth that invites blessings of goodness to you, me and the world. It will be “God’s TRUTH” that banishes the demon spirits of the world and awaken His Children to all that is possible as a believer.

Journey With Spirit - January 4, 2020

As you begin this journey through 2020, make sure that all baggage that weighed you down in recent years is left behind. Things that worried you, relationships that did not nurture your spirit, anything that was out of your power to change to a positive, let it go. Strive to make 2020 the best year of your journey.

Emotional baggage is what plagues us most. We cannot lay it down on our own, nor will it disappear over time. Give it to God and set your spirit free. For years after my Mom’s death, I was deeply saddened that a man who married into our existing home, could ban me from my home where I grew up. It is Florida law. Home is where the heart is and that foundation was taken from me by the courts, and a man who my Mom trusted. It took me years to let it go, but his soul will live in eternal hell. Karma will always re-visit evil doers.

Just as I let go, you have things in your life that you have thought about, worried about, and felt embarrassed about. You have done something, or a family member has done something publicly that you feel responsible for...let it go. That is not your key to heaven.. your relationship with the Father is your key. It will help you to forget the baggage, pick up a new suitcase, then fill it with magical moments. While no one lives free of all problems, hurdles, or pain, the Lord will protect you from harm. He will equip, prepare and strengthen you for the next chapter of this journey.