The more I write, the more I realize that life is an ever unfolding mystery. There are no real answers or solutions on how to get through this maze of events, tragedies, ups and downs and maintain your sanity. You are unique. How you deal with life is unique to who you are. Your upbringing, past experiences are guides to how you handle every day of your journey. Only you can come up with the formula that gets you through...and it is based on what has gotten you through.

Many of you internalize... you hold your problems close to your chest because you have your way of working through. Others consult family or friends to seek guidance. We buy books, look for answers in religious services, or by reading the Bible.... but the power lies within your spirit...  the power that will aid you on your journey through this life.

No matter what you read, what you are told, what so called experts say.... YOU have figured it out. Maybe you don't know that you have, but you have gotten to this place by using the tools that only "God and you" know that you have.

Like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz..... we search here and there for answers, help, solutions..... and if we were to just "BE STILL,"  and allow reality to come through.... the power to survive with your soul intact... lies deep in our spirit. 

There..... to be discovered, nurtured, and drawn upon as needed.


Wake us up Lord, not from sleep, but from indifference. Give us Courage Lord, so that we will stand in your truth against the workers of evil. Give us strength Lord, so that we can, with all our power.. fight against the workers or darkness.

Storms, fires, floods, have devastated our land, yet we your children do not realize that we must be doing something wrong.  We abuse the earth you gave us, we treat other humans as less than human, and those in power create laws that provide for the rich and forget the elderly, poor, and those struggling.   It is a problem that starts at the top of our government and trickles down... lawlessness, disrespect for God's law, disregard for man's law. We have become a nation stuck in the bickering over the last presidential election, and going nowhere fast.

Open our eyes Lord!!!! So that we might see, and in seeing realize that something must change, and we your children are the source of the change that is necessary. 

Push us Lord!!! Push us to do your "WILL."  Push us back on the righteous path, push us to act.. to save YOUR world.


Having a spirit of gratitude opens the door to God's blessings. Being gracious shows that you are appreciative of a gesture. It shows Jesus Christ that you honor and respect Him for all the good He has done in your life, and like us, He needs a constant show of gratitude.. Gratitude should be a way of life_ not just to Christ, but to people you come in contact with on a daily basis. It shows that you value the relationship. It shows appreciation.

How often do we forget to say "please" and "thank-you." Not just to our Father, but everyday. Good manners and respectful communications have been diminished by changes in technology, and work environments. The use of email has reduced the face to face interaction with co-workers. Social media has reduced our ability as humans to politely speak to others, it has allowed us to anonymously express our opinions in a hurtful way. Cell phones interrupt family dinner time and conversation... everyone at the table has their phone. Lack of gratitude has changed our culture and disillusioned us to the importance of life, family and love.

When you make gratitude a way of life, blessings will pour down on you, blessings will come and relationships will become nurturing to the spirit.


Psalm 108:13

With God we will gain the victory, and He will trample down our enemies.

Regardless of how good you are, there are people who will dislike you for no reason. Their reasons are based on a self inflicted pain they cannot cure. A pain of not feeling good enough, equal to, pretty enough, stylish enough, or whose life was not quite as planned. These people can turn their dislike into envy, jealousy, and other times, hate. People will hate you, and act upon their hate...  becoming a vicious enemy.

Enemies will try you, push you, provoke you, and the more you resist, the harder they try.  Enemies operated from a place of  negativity... and where there is negativity, there is satan.  That is their motivation to disrupt, and they are after you because God is your motivation to do good. When God is at the center of your life, the devil will make conquering your soul a game of wits... a game of winner takes all.

The best weapon again an enemy is your relationship with God. Forget enacting vengeance on anyone for what they do to you, that is un-Godly. When someone has a problem with you, it is their problem... continue to walk your path. Continue to nurture your relationship with God and He opens the way for you to release your troubles to Him. You don't need to worry about your enemies.... their fate is in the hands of a Higher Power.

As David said.... you are not the one to trample on your enemies... release it and let God stand in judgment, He will make your enemy your footstool.


Recently  we were blessed to see a total solar eclipse.  For me it put things in perspective. When we see nature's work, it can only be credited to God.  This is a teaching opportunity to benefit all mankind. It says that you may control cities, states, nations.. you may determine who benefits from the laws you pass through your legislature, you may gerrymander districts to disenfranchise voters, while taking education and food benefits away from children. But you are mere humans.

Yes Humans have a feeling of superiority because they have learned to clone food, animals, and even transplant organs into other humans. They have put man on the moon, drilled and fracked oil from the earth, discriminated, hanged men from trees, enslaved Africans, stole from the Native American Indian... and still they have forgotten WHO God is.

God speaks.....

I am that I am.... I light the world.  Yesterday I sent you a reminder of what I am capable of, take notice.  I light the earth, and if satan takes control, you will live in eternal darkness.  It is in your hands dear  humans.  It is a lesson to you of what the devil can do if you allow yourself to be used as his instrument.  But his deeds pale in comparison to what.....the Great "I AM is capable of."

You see...just as I flung the sun, moon and stars into the heavens, they don't have to compete for you to see their light, when it is their time...they shine.  Only I... GOD ALMIGHTY has the power to move and control them at will.

During life's journey, you will meet many different kinds of people, people with earthly power....   But I AM that.. I AM...and a whole lot more.   This is your wake-up call,  learn the lesson behind the power of the eclipse, and remember WHO made it happen.


We treat sin like an antiquated concept in today's society. Sin is doing acts or behaviors that are opposite of God's commandments and laws. In today's world, we give more thought to breaking man's law than we do God's law. 

We don't need a reminder of what is sin, but In Romans 3 it states, 23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.  We have willingly or unwillingly sinned. Sin separates us from God. To sin sets a bad example and can influence others to sin. So throughout the Bible when God warns us of the wages of sin, He is blunt and to the point... He left no doubt for us...He made sure we would fully comprehend the wrath on our lives.. if we are disobedient.

The desire to do good comes from the heart,  and the desire to sin comes from the heart.  But changing on the outside will not stop you from committing a sin, the prevention of sin comes from the heart, from deep in the spirit.  Some  will continue to sin knowing that God is full of grace and mercy who is a forgiving Father who will forgive us. But we must understand that there are no excuses for continuously falling back into the same old sinful behaviors. There are consequences.

Jesus knows your heart, He knows when you are intentionally being disobedient. So when sin knocks at your door, don't answer. You will be judged.