The Holy Spirit empowers believers in many ways. Just as the spirit empowered Jesus to complete His earthly ministry. You have an earthly ministry. You may not feel ready, but God has equipped you to do His work. You may doubt your ability to minister, you may think it requires preaching in church or walking the earth ministering to others. Ministry may include feeding and teaching others about the Lord, while promoting God's Kingdom. 

Scripture and prayer will teach you how to please God and avoid a path of darkness. Sometimes you are tempted to do wrong, but through the goodness of God, you realize it is against God's teachings and you stop short of disobedience.


Many believe that when they are wronged, they can't forgive the other person as it shows weakness. That is incorrect. When you understand forgiveness, you will be anxious to forgive someone and move on. 

When others hurt you, they move on. They could care less about an apology. If they had good intentions, they would never have hurt you. They go on living while you are carrying a grudge about what they did to you. It is causing you pain. Forgiveness is not for the wrong doer, it is for the recipient. You will carry a grudge, maybe causing physical harm to yourself, until you find peace.

Forgiveness is for you to be the better person, honoring Gods word and finding peace. Once you forgive, you have pleased God and He cleanses your heart and peace will come.


Change is something you can count on. No matter what is happening this moment, you can believe  it will change. More people fear change because it pushes them out of a zone of comfort, and most of us want consistency. But change is inevitable. Just as the ocean's tide ebbs and flows, so does life.

Perhaps when our tide is in, we enjoy the flow. We experience good times, great conditions, and we dip our toes in the waves of life.  But when the tide ebbs, that is where our fear lies. The waters that were so good, recede and we are fearful they may never return. But the ebbing is a time of renewal. Time where you can regroup, prepare, and learn something new.

God will always reach out to assuage the dread and fear of change. Trust Him.. He will never leave you.