The first thing that God spoke into existence was "LIGHT."
Light is essential to our well-being.  We cannot move around or fully function without light.  When storms cast us into darkness and power is lost.. the 1st request you hear is when will we have electricity.

Not only does light shine on darkness and reveals truth, it works on the human body and can prevent some depressions. We need light.

God is light.. He speaks and captives are set free, people are healed, He sends His light to comfort tear stained souls.  We await the rising sun each day because it reassures us that God is on the throne, and knows our predicament.

If God can say..."Let there be Light," and the universe obeys His Word. We can put our faith in Him, knowing that He has spoken joy, peace, deliverance and love into our lives.

We have proof that when He speaks, the universe and all its inhabitants will respond. So let's try to talk less...and listen more.


This journey called life, is not unlike taking a trip. You are moving through vivid scenes of nature, twisting and turning down life's narrow road.  God has altered the path to make the hills, mountains, valleys  and waterways just beautiful objects that you must sometimes find a way around or over. God has equipped you with all that you need for your journey.

He started giving centuries ago when He gave His Son. He was giving when He allowed His Son to walk the earth, teaching, blessing, feeding, and healing others, showing us how we are to be compassionate, caring people.  He gifted us with a reason to have FAITH. A reason to BELIEVE. A reason to understand the importance of HOPE. He blessed us with His lifelong companionship when He promised to accompany us our entire journey.

God understood that our memory would fade, so He left His Word, so that we would always be equipped with a source that feeds our spirit, giving us the strength, courage, ability to think, and a spirit for us to invite Him in.

The world gives us enough to fear, complain about, and to doubt... but TODAY...remember the grave yards around the world, and count your blessings.
No matter how bad things are, they can always be worse. No matter how you view your situation.... you are a living, breathing spirit, still here...because you have work to do.

The Park Bench

I can never pass a park bench without sitting for a moment to take in the view. I have walked along riverfronts where there were many well positioned benches and I would sit for a time on each bench... quietly taking in all that the eyes would see... and I had an epiphany.

The view of the river and its background present a breath taking scene. But that same scene from a different vantage point, presents a different image. The same with life's events and situations. Depending on where you are as you look at your situation frames your perception. It is not so much what you see, but how your mind interprets what you are seeing.

You have within you...  the ability to solve many of your life's problems. When you feel that life is complicated, you struggle or can't meet goals. Change your view, or how you are looking at things. From every vantage point, the angle is different... things are revealed that you did not see from the 1st look and your mind begins to open to solutions.

That is what God meant when He said..."Be Still and know that I am God!" When you take a brief pause and calm your spirit...answers will come to you that you never would have thought of.

Spirit of Gratitude

Wake up and be grateful. Don't complain because you have to go to work, or have to fix breakfast for the children..or run an errand... be grateful that you are awake. Be grateful that you have purpose.

Friday's are like a mini close of the year. You are closing out the week and most will have a few days off. This is a good time to wind down and take care of "you."  In all that you do, you forget to take care of "you" until you are tired and run down. We never stop to think that all we do will be reassigned if we are unable to do it. Yes we cannot personally be replaced, but our responsibilities and duties can quickly be reassigned.

When we think of the Las Vegas attack on freedom, we will more clearly understand that we live from moment to moment.  Beyond that, there are no guarantees. We have been made promises from above, but those promises are based on what we are entitled to if we are obedient. But how can we measure obedience? I follow the word, I attend church, I pray and help others.... but I walked out of the bank with their ballpoint pen. I often take the magazine out of a Physician's office, and in my life, I have taken a few Bibles out of Hotel rooms.

You see, no matter how good we think we are, we fall short of the expectations of our Father. Like those at the concert, many knew they lived a life of sin, but there were many who were God fearing, obedient Christians.... in other words...savor each moment, tell your loved ones that you love them, and cultivate a relationship of worthiness with God in hopes that His promise of life can be fulfilled.

The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.

Life's Defining Moments

We experience defining moments in life. It may be something that opened your spirit to an awareness, it may be the awakening of spirit to being your authentic self, but defining moments cross our path throughout life's journey.   These moments can be triggered by a loss, gain, blessing, or spiritual encounter.  They can happen at any time, or any age.

As a member of a house of worship, social group, or work place, you operate under restrictions and limitations that are sometimes unacceptable. .. or someone says something to you that crosses all boundaries, and you respectfully let it pass as you allow your circumstances to determine your actions.  

The Defining Moment

One day you feel something deep in your spirit that reminds you of the values and guiding principles that brought you to this point. You realize that silence is no longer golden, and inaction is not an option. So you address all the toxic energy that is pervading your spirit and zapping your energy.

We must stand for what we believe, or live to regret it. If you are unhappy in your work place, develop your skills and move on. If you are unhappy in personal relationships, it harms you internally.  Learn to prioritize your sanity, happiness and well-being and act.

None of us are locked into a way of life. Opportunities exist or can be created.  You have to want it, and pursue it.  When you have marketable skills, you will always find work. When you have something to offer based on your interpersonal skills, you will always be in demand.

Love what you do, or find what you love ... and do it.


Men and women today are in need of motivation.  We are spending more money on self help books and tapes, watching motivational speakers, and many are reading daily devotionals to start the day. Some have found that the Bible does not give them the personalization that daily inspirations give. People want to feel that the message is directed at them, and they take away from it what they need.

We can search the world over for answers and solutions, but if you just pause... and shut the world out... you can calm yourself enough to view your conflicts differently and conquer them courageously. If you have ever played sports, your challenge has always been to score points. Your team has a game plan for victory, and the players execute the plan.  The team that ends up with the highest points is considered the victor.

Your daily life is much like a game. Plan, execute and work toward a certain outcome. But the first step is always planning for a specific outcome. You want to out maneuver the challenger and be the victor. When life sends you down a highway of obstacles, it is your job to overcome.  It is your responsibility to come up with a plan to get you safely around each obstacle.  It is "YOU," who controls the outcome.

God is always the wind at our back. He pushes us, sometimes He leads us, other times He walks beside us. That is what makes the Bible a solid foundation for all your self help, motivational books. Without the Bible, we would be like the cowardly lion, or the brain-less scarecrow, or the heartless tin man from the world of Oz. But we are not... we are children of the almighty, equipped with all the tools needed to get us through this life.

All we need do is...  every once in a while, hit the pause button on life. stop and smell the roses. Admire their beauty, but remember...they come with thorns.

I Have Not Forsaken You

We have all felt that God was our only way out of a bad situation. It could have been a bad relationship, mounting debt, a health challenge, or you may have been in the path of one of the many storms that ripped through communities causing massive destruction. I can imagine that most people in the path of the last few storms, turned quickly, and with unwavering faith.. to God.

Some of you may believe that the state of the nation and the world is so damaged, there is no earthly way to repair the damage. Others may believe that the world is in turmoil because we were forgotten by God...and apart from divine intervention__ there is no HOPE.

We may not verbalize that we feel abandoned by God, but when we think it, we make Him aware as He knows our thoughts.  Sometimes when you feel that you have been abandoned by God, especially when you do everything that He asks of you, there is a feeling of being alone, as if your prayers have gone unanswered... but when you are in a situation such as this, it may actually be an opportunity to know Him better, and trust Him more. A time to think back over your life and the obstacles you overcame because of His grace and mercy.

Every day of your life, you must believe that God is the only truth and light. Even in situations where you believe you solved your problems on your own... He orchestrated the outcome. Something as little as falling down as a child and scraping your knee... God was there to make sure you did not hit your head and die.

When we become desperate for change and nothing we do affects the situation...we turn to God, but just as he protected you as a child when you did not know how to pray... He has not left you or forsaken you.

The world will atone, the hearts of all mankind will be healed by GOD's hand.

This Too Shall Pass

Have you ever been in the middle a personal storm, and someone said to you "This too shall pass?"  Sometimes these words comfort, sometimes they don't. There are many people who feel that their life has been filled with events that test their faith. There are many people who seem to have a radioactive barrier to trouble, and their lives appear easy.... But through it all, if you weathered the storm, you are blessed.

We were never promised an easy life.  But we were never promised a life of total misery, we were promised that whatever we faced on this earthly journey, we would never walk alone. 

Out of every loss, burden, challenge or adversity, something constructive is born, you may have to grab fate by the shoulders and shake some reason into it as you deny it entry into your spirit.. but you have that power. I remember being in a moment when me and about 200 other people thought our lives were coming to an end. I heard catholic prayers, Christian prayers, and chants to their spiritual power... But I spoke to God...and I said " I know You are not going to take me out like this." No fear in me..... and as things got worse, I became defiant.....'"GOD, I know you are not going to take me out like this."  Never was there fear in my spirit, I knew God heard me and would honor my defiant plea. One that came from FAITH.  My faith said.."NOT TODAY."

You see, life throws us many curve balls, some I will defiantly throw back, and tell life....NO, NOT TODAY!! When you walk in your truth, supported by a strong faith in God...your tongue is the most powerful tool that can bring blessings to your life, or it can invite burdens and storms across your path.  Learn to use your words to create positive energy around you and family... include God as you invite the spirit of love, peace and protection around your loved ones.


Each morning, we ask you God to give us strength to get through the day. We should be asking YOU for strength to get through the future, a day at a time. To limit asking for a day at a time, we may not get a chance to ask for the next day. Give us courage to go forth and do what needs to be done. Let us not shrink from our ability to be an instrument for change.

Are you believing in the power of God, and know with assurance that He will not allow a few people to put this nation on a path of destruction?? Each day we seem powerless to stop the powers in our capitol, to do the right thing. I had a minister to ask me what should we pray for, and why should we be praying.  I said to him, prayer is personal, it is between the person praying and God. All of us should pray daily, but when trials cross your path, we tend to pray more often.

Many people on my prayer list have given up on government, and are angry at God for allowing this to happen.  They don't feel that their prayers are working, they see that the wealthy and the evil seem to profit. They see themselves as law abiding citizens, working to make an honest living.... not being able to make ends meet. People with children struggle, older people on fixed incomes struggle, and sick people suffer.... and there seems to be no earthly force to stop the over throwing of our democratic processes.

Prayer, hope and change are words that people laugh about. They don't believe in those things anymore.