Assigning Blame

I found myself in a place where I did not want to be, then I looked for anyone and anything to place the blame. How often have you done the very same thing? You get yourself in a bind and refuse to accept that you bear the responsibility. And the worse that could happen is, you don’t learn the lesson.

It is easy to blame our hard head, shortcomings, lack of discipline on others. We blame others to make ourselves feel good.  When you cannot find a job, when you are given the worse seat in a restaurant, when you find yourself in too much debt, or when you spend your days on the corner talking about how unfair life is... you are not taking responsibility.

In my career, I always took advantage of any education and seminars my company paid for. I never thought that I would spend 30 years with one company then retire with benefits, but I did. I was forward thinking enough in that I prepared for something that did not happen. I prepared for cut-backs, layoffs, termination, and plant closures. But I was blessed.

How many times have you been presented with opportunities that would advance your skills, but had nothing to do with your current position? When you think outside the box, you prepare yourself for other things. You build your skill-sets, you add to your marketable skills and prepare for advancement, or company bankruptcy. Preparation is key. Knowing that what is now.... may not be permanent. And a company and government big enough to give you everything...can easily take it away.

Self Preservation

I will gain more understanding when I realize…. "there is no light
more brilliant than the light I am."

Have you ever just stopped and did nothing? I mean turn off the television, radio, computer, and just be quiet and alone with self. Everyone cannot do this. Some of us cannot be quietly alone, because we are not good company.  When you cannot be alone, and be a friend to yourself, can you truly be a friend to someone else?
If you have been afraid to stop, you are burning
the candle at both ends. 

A life of purpose must have balance and focus.  This is gained by taking advantage of down time, resting the eyes, body, mind and spirit.  Once you are rested and return to daily living, you will be focused on your desires and goals.  When a jetliner is preparing for takeoff, there is much preparation.  The aircraft slowly moves to its assigned runway, making the sharp turn to position its front wheels between the markings on the runway. The plane usually stops for a brief period while locking the wheels into position.   For non flyers, once the wheels are locked in place and the pilot revs up the engines, the plane follows the path of the locked wheels.  Its goal, to take flight and move you to your destination. 

As human beings, we must take time to stop and regroup.
We have our destinations and goals, but we must position ourselves to get there. Focus on your desire, align your thinking with your plan, then position yourself for takeoff.  With your determination, courage, and FAITH, you will move down the runway of life until you have enough wind under your wings to soar toward your goal.


The light of God will take you
where the Grace of God will meet you.

Accepting Jesus Christ

We have physical life because of physical birth.  We have spiritual life based on a "spiritual birth."  In the world of Christianity the expression refers to someone who has "accepted Jesus" and been baptized... that is what we refer to in Christianity as "being born again."

We were not born as followers of Jesus.

All who accept Jesus as Savior, must do so willingly. An innocent baby has no ability to know what being born again means, but God has not left them unprotected. They are still connected to the spirit world until Jesus decides to turn them over to the physical world.  It is then they start to mature, develop, and get to know about Jesus...

Jesus told Nicodemus “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John 3:3)   Jesus went on to say that those born of the spirit can come and go like the wind. — John 3:8.

It is the desire of all to spend eternity in God's Kingdom. Physical birth brings us into this world to experience the journey called life. A trip that takes us from the birth canal to the grave. But there is a life after that. It is the life that we earn by how we live our lives. It is a life that allowed us to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and live according to His word.

If you did that, there is no death, breathing stops, and you step into a place called Heaven, where you will rest throughout eternity.

Time for Self

How do we cleanse our mind, body and spirit?  How do we get all the negative stuff out and still function? I read the news via internet’s reputable newspapers, as I monitor social media’s response to what is happening in the world. There is a sense that cups are running over with fake news, real news, and written responses are reflecting that overload. There is an edge to comments and responses that border on traumatic stress syndrome.  The body can only handle so much. Just as a cup cannot hold anymore after it has reached its capacity, the body has limits.

The body’s immune system needs a continuous boost, especially during stressful times. Eat, drink and exercise daily to maintain organ function. The mind is like the memory chip in a computer. It is wired to take in 60, 70, 80 years of living. But some stuff is just stuff..... discard it and be done. We place trash containers in strategic places so that when we get stuff we don’t need, in it goes. And we forget about it. Hold on to what you need, discard everything else. Just as you tire of loud music, you can tire of repetitive news coverage...turn it off.

The spirit.  God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And all the divine attributes ascribed to the Father and the Son are equally ascribed to the Holy Spirit. When a person becomes born again by believing and receiving Jesus Christ, God resides in that person through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has intellect, emotion, and will. It influences all that we do, right and wrong. The key is to nurture the spirit by feeding it Godly food. Fast, pray, meditate and read scripture. 

Remember with all these things, down time is mandatory....VACATION when you can.