We can create such a mess here on earth that God probably looks down and thinks..”serves you right.”  He probably would never feel that way about His children, but sometimes we can be hardheaded and disobedient... perhaps God tires of our silliness. When our parents told us to “not” do something like touch the hot stove, and we touched it.. they did not hesitate to say, “didn’t I tell you not to touch that stove...”serves you right.”

We have been complacent and complicit in allowing the devil into our space. We know right from wrong, yet we see it roll through our land like a snowball and we talk about it among ourselves then become silent to the world. We have lost our sense of truth, right, wrong, ethics, education, intelligence and respect. We have doomed our children to a life of misery, sickness and oppression... and we continue watching football, basketball, shopping, getting our hair and nails done, buying cars as our lawmakers set the example of “how to be lawless and get away with it.”

God cannot fix the mess we create. What He can do_ and will do, and has always done, is give us courage and good sense to do whatever needs to be done to rectify our mistakes.  It is up to you and me. We must ask God for guidance, listen, and trust that it will be alright.