The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Serving out of love and compassion for all living beings. Service need not be limited to mankind, but serve to promote a better, safer world for all. Service is the price we pay for the gift of life. God placed each of us on earth to do works. Good works that promote Him and His Kingdom....while we spread the good news.  Service is our offering to God and to God's people. Not for praise, but out of compassion.

We can live a life of service by giving of our spiritual gifts and talents without expectation of recognition or reward.  When we give of ourselves from the depths of our being, it becomes an act of love. When we give, it should be from a loving, joyful and humble heart, rather than from an inflated ego. 

When we act from a place of love. we show the Heavenly Father that we believe in Him, His power, we trust that He is all-wise, and we exercise our FAITH...  knowing that He answers prayer.


So much attention is placed on mornings, and preparing for the day that we fail to address what happens at the end of a day. There will be days when you come home and can make it no further than the first chair. You sank into that chair, kick off your shoes as the feeling of peace allows you to relax.

Home is where the heart is, and should present a warm, loving environment filled with things that give off positive energy.  Some call it Feng shui, or fengshui which is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.  I call it creating a sanctuary home filled with things that please the senses.

Some people can exist in clutter, others need order. If you deal with eight hours of work, when you come home, you need to slow the mind, body and spirit. Shift gears and repair the damage done to your spirit after a day of spending your energy dealing with the negative/positive energy of others.

To live in an environment that is filled with positive energy does not mean you need a big house, filled with expensive things... Fill your home with aroma... candles, potpourri very inexpensive luxuries that create a homey feel. I find peace with having ceramic angels around. A collection of Teddy bears and stuffed animals fill my home with an energy.. that take me  back to a place where I knew love, good cooking, and my Mother's presence.  God presence lives in me, therefore, He fills my home.

Home is not where you live, Home is where you belong. A house is not a home until it is filled with love and your personal treasures. It becomes a sanctuary when you can step inside, and the weight of the day is forgotten.


God is everywhere, and He has always been available to you.  No matter what you do, God will never distanced Himself from you.  He knows your faults, He sees your flaws, but He still loves His children anyway... 

Our Father is supreme, but He went to great measures to preserve man’s freedom of choice. When you see people behaving badly or committing violent acts... they choose to walk the dark path of satan.

In Genesis, God told Adam that He must not eat from the tree of life. Between a snake, a woman, and Adam’s weakness, they ate from the tree and gave satan a key to our souls.  Now with this key... satan can only gain entrance into your soul when you exercise your freedom of choice. You can  say NO to the devil, or the Father.  Wisdom tells us that accepting Jesus Christ is best.

People make bad things happen.  When it hurts, we express anger at God for allowing it.  God is capable ending anything, anywhere, any time. He could easily stop crime, war, hate, and greed. He can end hunger and the societies that create hunger. What happened in the garden, won’t let Him... disobedience to God has consequences and one bad choice gave us the world we know.

God has allowed you freedom of choice...Choose wisely.  In obedience, we are blessed. In blessings, we are grateful. Showing God gratitude opens the door for Him to come in.

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Peace of Mind

….God has said “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.”  We can believe with confidence, that God is our helper, protector, and we should fear not.

How encouraging is that. As I read it over and over, my shoulders relax as I let go. The tense feeling in my shoulder gives in to the comfort of knowing that I am the recipient of favor. God’s favor.

There is no need for you to worry about things, or to fret over life’s craziness. It was my prayer that the world would be relieved of the stressors of 2016-2017, but crazy is crazy.  Relax… you also have God’s favor. On day 4 day of 2018.. set your priorities and make sure they align with the Word. Live life in such a way that you unintentionally earn God’s favor. Sometimes folk will do things thinking it will get God’s attention and add to their list of Godly, good deeds.  But doing good, should be done out of compassion… not for awards, credit or blessings, but because you are a believer and one of God’s workers.

We know that God is almighty and all powerful… never have you heard of a dictator, or president referred to in those words. Missiles, weapons, even disease, has no power over a healer, one who empowers others to part seas, conquer lions, and bring down walls. Things will be, what they will be.  Just as there are intelligent, compassionate, beings.. you will encounter fools, tools of satan.

But God is sitting high and looking upon this earth, and I can imagine Him saying something like this.

“My child, you worry too much… I got this!”

Prayer for 2018

2018 Prayer

Christ be with me, Christ behind me, Christ before me,
Christ beside me, Christ to comfort and restore me.
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,
Christ in hearts of all that love me,
Christ in mouth of friend and stranger

I bind unto myself the Name, the strong Name of the Trinity.
By invocation of the same, The Three in One, and the One in Three…
Of Whom all nature hath creation.
Eternal Father, Spirit, Word, Praise to the Lord of my Salvation,
Salvation is of Christ the Lord.

The Darkness

Many in the world today are so accustomed to darkness that they don’t realize anything else is possible. They can’t imagine anything being different. They have lived in poverty, hunger, war, and they know no other way.  Mother’s watch their starving babies during the very season we are celebrating abundance, in their eyes you see fatigue and the loss of hope, the thought of what is possible, abandoned because their struggle has been endless.

But everything changes when they “see a great light.” Their world suddenly becomes clearer. When the light shines on them, they can see the truth about their lives and the world. They know how to live, how to avoid problems, and how to please God. But why does it seem that many have not seen the light?? If they have seen the light, they may see their conditions, but why are they not blessed with food, shelter, and hope?
My faith waivers when I know that many of the people in hopeless situations believe, and pray to God. Is there a message to their struggle, or have governments been infiltrated with demons and support keeping the people weak and vulnerable!!!

Today, millions of people in the world still “walk in darkness.” People in every nation. In every city. In every neighborhood. During this season, make a commitment to spread the light of the Gospel. Seek to be a witness to the light, that others, through you, will see the power of Jesus to change lives. And give of your time, talent, and treasure that others will see the light.

Invite God into your space.

A Quiet Place

When I want to commune with spirit, I go to a  quiet place, with just me and  my Bible. Often we pray and feel that God has not heard our prayer, but He hears all. He knows your desires and needs. He answers all prayers, as any loving Father would do, but His answer may not be the answer you desire.

We must learn to let God be God.  When you commune with Him on a daily basis, you come to understand that His wisdom makes Him better qualified to respond properly to your prayers. You pray for what you think you want, but it is not always the best thing for you. God knows that, and He gves to us what  is best for us.

Understanding His ways requires that we sit humbly, and talk to Him. Read His Word, and live as obedient children should.
When you have ended your talk with God, life requires that we quiet ourselves..... and listen.

Searching for Happiness

When feeling lonely, most of us believe that our happiness lies in someone else. Some believe that they would be happier living somewhere else.  We want desperately for that someone, or somewhere to come into our lives and bring us true happiness.  But happiness lies within the spirit.  People  can only make you happy for a brief  period, but true happiness lies in your ability to create circumstances and events that give you peace and joy.

Your love for Jesus Christ will sustain you in moments of loneliness. He will comfort you in a way that no living being can. He will
never leave or forsake you.  He is the source of everlasting happiness and joy. When you experience a need, He has consistently delivered. When you lost a loved one, He was the comforting force that allowed you to work through the pain. God is good…all the time. Jesus, His Son, lights the world.  Today and everyday,  offer your thanks to God for giving you  life, and this earthly home.

Serve Him and follow His WORD, and He will provide your needs.

Living Right

God's love is like the sun, it shines on all.  It shines on the top of an exposed hill, or on a plant growing on a window sill.  He shines His loving grace on the just, and the unjust. The just, who live according to His word are beneficiaries of His favor.  In this world, we can see who have God's favor by the blessings they receive for the good they do.  You know you are on the God track when you do good, and you are gossiped about, verbally and personally attacked, or demonized by others.

When you are walking your path, and you know whose child you are, you walk with a different stride, and you speak with the assurance that allows others to see the God presence in you. You don't have to advertise it, you live it.  When you are the victim of bad gossip, or folk berating you for being a servant of God… you are living right.

When you work for God, there will be haters.  Keep your armor on and keep it up. Haters are not your problem, some people will not like you because you are highly favored…..  that is between them and their God. Others will envy you because you are working for God and
goodness.  Don't allow outside forces to prevent you from doing God's Will.

I would rather have the approval of God and the disapproval of man, than have the disapproval of God, and the approval of man.