1st Peter 3:10

For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile:

Spoken words have power.  When you speak ill words about someone, it is gossip. Gossip is hurtful and often not factual. Just as negative talk has power, so too does positive talk. Listen to those who speak illness into their lives, saying things like “high blood pressure runs in my family, I know I will have it.” You have just opened the door by inviting illness in. Then your lifestyle of eating and non-exercise will support your tongue. Our thoughts dictate how we feel and what you believe can attract that energy to you.

When you think of your life, you tend to measure it by good and bad events. We are not to blame for bad things, but we are responsible for how we think, act and treat others. The energy we send into the environment will return to us just as we initiated it. When you speak negatively, you attract negativity. What you have done is set up blocks where Gods blessings will not penetrate. Your tongue has blocked blessings and caused lack.

Take back your power. Learn to walk through challenges with a positive attitude of “This too shall pass.” Use illness as an opportunity to examine why you attracted this dis-ease. Do not claim illness or complain constantly, you are wallowing in gloom and enjoying a pity party. If you have ever had surgery, before they administer anesthesia, they encourage you to think good thoughts.  Physicians and nurses know the power of being positive in any illness, it aids the healing process.

God did not create you to be a victim, He created warrior spirits and compassionate hearts. Accept that as a blessing and change how you view life. Be cautious in the words you speak.. they may come true.


The world may seem topsy turvy right now, but at every moment a treasure is being offered to you. You will only receive it_  if you look in the right place.

Visiting a museum, many of us are distracted by the beauty of the frame. While touring the Louvre in Paris, the Guggenheim in New York, High in Atlanta, and the Smithsonian in Washington, I was awed by the ornate beauty of the frames in the Louvre. No other museum had such ornate displays of their art.

That is how easily it is to lose your focus. You are there to view the big picture, but distracted by its presentation. We do that in life.

So often we miss what is right in front of us. We may miss out on blessings, miracles, and good companions because we are looking for one thing, and God is sending us what is best. If you have missed what God has purposed for you, it is yours alone. God has kept it intact waiting for you to recognize and accept. You will know they are of God when you continue to avoid it, but it keeps crossing your path.

As you understand this, you will accept God’s blessed gifts and you will not see the frame at all. The gift can only be accepted through your willingness to focus all your attention on God’s works of art.


There are many "how to" books on building good self-esteem and finding happiness. How to live life has been reduced to self help books, tapes and seminars. Other people telling us how to live, based on their life. But with all the tools available to us, we are still searching for that something that makes and keeps us happy.

There are no magical answers that will change your world, but there are resources that can support you in searching for happiness and joy. Happiness, that is of this world is fleeting and temporary. Ups and downs are proof that the good times are temporary, the pleasures of the flesh are temporary.  But if you know Jesus, there is a contentment that is all encompassing and everlasting.
Happiness depends less on circumstances, and more on what you are thinking. Our thoughts can open the way for happiness to stay in our hearts, but our thoughts must be based on the guiding principles of the Bible. God's Word. The peace offered by the Father when you accept Him as your Lord, is the reward that keeps away fear, doubt, and uncertainty. It is a permanent state of euphoria, where you know that whatever comes your way.. you are armed with the power of God's protection.  
The calming peace of following Christ and knowing that He is your protector, your guiding light, your bright and morning star, means being content.  Believers are content. Unlike the radicals we hear shouting loudly about the God they serve, while doing everything in their power that is ungodly. A true believer lives the word.  They do what is right,  and in that right God fills their spirit with an abiding "Love, calm and peace" that only He can give.

"My child, you worry too much." Let it go, and give it to God..
the God that is always awake, the God that watches and knows who burns down His church, the God who see's everything.